What is paint by numbers?

Painting by numbers is an art method and a creative hobby that involves painting a work on a pre-printed canvas, broken down into a multitude of numbered areas.

The principle is therefore to paint each numbered area (corresponding to a color) with the associated paint bucket, in order to ultimately achieve a complete work from A to Z.

Many designs are available with complete kits that include all the materials needed to paint.

But it is not finished !

Paint by Numbers emphasizes that a painting is constructed with a multitude of shapes and colors. Separated they appear rather abstract, but put end to end they then take on their full meaning.

Painting by number also helps you learn from a photo to clearly identify different areas, changes in tone and variations in color. It is part of the learning methods to gradually paint works from a blank canvas. With experience, you will become more and more fluid in your brushstrokes and can easily see different areas from any photo.


How to paint by numbers

The canvases are numbered in line with the numbering of the small paint cans. (eg pot color number 5 should be applied in all areas of the canvas with number 5)

You see ? Nothing very complicated!


Brush cleaning: the key to clean and precise painting!

Take a glass of water so that you can easily clean your brush. Clean the brush after you finish using a color. The use of a cloth will be welcome to dry the brush after cleaning it. Do not skip these crucial steps because they will allow you to obtain precise and vibrant colors for the realization of your canvases!

You can now paint your canvas starting with the color or area of ​​your choice. There is no real order to follow. However, we recommend that you start with the larger areas first, follow with the medium areas and finish with the smaller areas, working from top to bottom. Try to paint only one color at a time, especially to avoid too many brush cleanings!

Fill in all the colors one after the other. Allow an area to dry completely before painting neighboring areas to avoid smudging.

Do not leave any white between the zones, everything must be colored.


How to choose between "Simple 24 colors", "Realistic 36 colors", "Lifelike 42 colors"?

  • Simple 24 colors : This variant is the most commonly taken for pictures with a few details on it. If your picture shows the bust of one single person or is limited to the face of one single person with few details, we recommend you to take this variant.
  • Realistic 36 colors : This variant is the most commonly taken for high quality pictures with a lot of details on it. If your picture shows a lot of people with a complicated background and a lot of details, we recommend you to take this variant. 
  • Lifelike 42 colors : This variant is simply the best available to date. We recommend that you take it if you want to immortalize real masterpieces. It uses the best paint by numbers technology and the pure quality is met. Lifelike 42 colors is a Made for Crafters exclusivity only!

NOTE : We use the best technology to create the Lifelike 42 colors Variant Canvas. For example, if the picture you provide us only shows one single person, the result will definitely look better and as realistic as possible with Lifelike 42 Colors Variant. Thus, if you want to paint a real masterpiece we truly recommend you to take the Lifelike 42 colors Variant and send us the best picture you have with the highest quality. We promise you, you will not be disappointed!